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Blood and Infusion Warmer

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  • Model: QW618
  • Product Name: Blood and Infusion Warmer QW618
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It is applicable to blood transfusion/transfusion for patients during perioperative period and clinical blood transfusion/transfusion of first aid

One-key constant temperature control by microcomputer without need to adjust heating model following liquid flow rate

Dry groove-type heating structure; routine blood transfusion or transfusion machine can be used at low flow rate

Three sets of independent temperature sensors add to safety coefficient of temperature monitoring

Multiple protection functions including overheat warning protection, low temperature warning and warning for remoter failure ensures safe usage.

Independent superheat warning protection test function is convenient for maintenance

It can be applied to simultaneous isothermal heating of multiple types of liquid

Heating capacity: KVO-6 liters per hour (flow rate: KVO-100ml per minute)

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