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  • Model: FT2800
  • Product Name: Blood and Infusion Warmer FT2800
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Model:                                     FT2800
Temperature setting:                         33 - 41˚C
Power supply:                   a.c.100~240V/50~60Hz
Power consumption:                       Max. 180VA
Type of protection against electric shock:           Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock: BF Applied part;                          
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids:       IPX2
Temperature accuracy:                          ±1.0˚C
Overheat protection:                        42˚C /43˚C
Low temperature alarm:                          32˚C
Warming up time:        From 20˚C to 36˚C approx.2 min.
Operating mode:                           Continuous
Dimension (W*D*H):               200×130×250mm
Net Weight:                                   2.3kg
Warming profile:     - length 1400mm
- compatible IV tube 3.5-5.0mm O.D.
* For other options of warming profile, please contact the supplier

High performance dry heater for warming of:
Blood transfusion and blood products
Blood return feeds / dialysis fluids
Enteral/parenteral nutrition and rinsing solutions

Technology of control:
Microprocessor integrated with temperature sensors provides high precise control

Safety system:
Permanent running self-tests, 24 hours continuous operating
Double independent over-heating protections and automatic cut off
Visual and acoustic alarm for high temperature / low temperature/sensor fault

Dual channels:
Each channel can work independently with own temp. setting and temp control
Two channels can be combined to enlarge the warming capacity
Heating up to the patient: IV tube is completely wrapped in, no heat loss

User friendly interface:
Big LED screen showing setting temp., actual temp., heating time and fault situation

Easy and quick to set up, ready to use within minutes.
Open system: Accepts standard IV tube, no special disposables needed, economical warming solution without extra consumable costs

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